Clan Callahan Gets A New Basement

My remodeling project took about a year to complete. It was done on the basement of my home. It wasn’t a remodel by choice. I was on on vacation two years ago when the area I was living in experienced heavy raining. I’m not sure if the cause of the damage was from standing water leaking through a window or a failed sump pump (it wasn’t working properly when I returned).

My friend was house sitting but I think it would have turned out the same even if I was home at the time. Long story short, I decided to remove the nasty old carpet that acquired a musty smell, in doing so found that half the basement (the entire finished half) contained beat up asbestos floor tiles underneath the carpet/linoleum. They had to be removed, and unfortunately with them went the half walls, half a faux brick wall at the bottom of the stairs, the counters, the bar, lower cabinets, and the space age fireplace (which never worked properly).

Great Deal On RTA Cabinets

One of the things that I was mostly worried about was replacing the cabinets. They are just so darn expensive. But I discovered theready to assemble variety and was very pleased with not just the cost but the quality of the construction as well. If you’re going to remodel your ktichen have a look at them at Cabinet Sleuth to get a better idea of why I like them.

I was able to salvage the trim for the top of the half wall, but that’s about it. I paid for the asbestos to be removed by professionals, as well as to cap the fireplace. Everything else I did on my own (my dad taught me how to tile and helped on day 1). At the end, I was mostly pleased with the remodel.

No More Wallpaper. Woot!

The thing I’m most happy to be rid of (aside from the asbestos tiles and the shoddily built/painted cabinets) is the wallpaper that was on the ceiling of the bar area. It was a pain to get off – mostly because of the awkward height, and angle you had to get into to peel and scrape it off. Most of the feedback I’ve gotten has been very positive (whether some people actually like it or are just being polite, it’s hard to tell).


Having Gestational Diabetes Helped Me Learn To Eat Better

I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy with my first born son. I was not even aware that I had the problem until they discovered it during a routine doctor visit. I was very scared at first because I was so uneducated about the issue, I was very concerned that it could affect the health of my baby, and that was horrifying.

My doctor immediately made me aware of all the risk factors that I was facing which did include possible delivery complications. I was also made aware that if this was not treated and addressed properly, that it could lead to my baby being still born. This really sent me into a little panic mode and I was ready to do whatever was necessary to ensure that my baby would be as healthy as possible. [Read more...]